Why I Love Corseting

I remember clearly the night I stumbled upon the foreign term “waist training.” It was mentioned on burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese’s wikipedia page and click, click, click…I was down an internet rabbit hole that fortunately led to great resources like www.LucyCorsetry.com and www.romantasy.com

Over the next few weeks I delved deeper into this fascinating world that had opened up to me…could a corset really be comfortable, and actually shape the part of my figure where diet and excercise had consistently failed me?

Every woman has  body issues in some form.  I’m a former beauty pageant swimsuit winner, but actually prefer one-piece swimsuits as I’ve never felt comfortable displaying my midriff.  I longed to wear bikinis and form-fitting dresses without feeling insecure about my tummy and thick waist.

I took advantage of Lucy’s generous consultation service, and she recommended several corset brands that were suitable for my body type and budget.  Her site offers great guided galleries to help you identify what corset makers are best for you, and I narrowed it down to 3 that could accommodate my short torso.


Orchard Corset CS-411 22″ in Gunmetal

Orchard Corset CS-411 was a great starter corset.  (This was before they offered even more options for shorter torsos.  The line has expanded quite a bit to include more options for this body type).



What Katie Did Baby Corset in Black 20″

I’m fortunate enough to live in L.A. near a What Katie Did boutique, and came home from a visit to their Hollywood boutique the proud owner of their baby corset, which is perfectly cut for my curvy body and short torso and allows lots of movement.  I own two of this style, which I also find comfortable enough to sleep in.

Romantasy Corset

Ann Grogan of Romantasy Corsets is an absolute gem.  She spent hours with me on the phone to ensure that I got a custom corset that fit me as beautifully as it was made, and her book, Corset Magic, is my bible whenever I have taken a break from corseting and need to get back on track.


Custom Corset from Romantasy by Sheri: 21″

Recently, Dita Von Teese succinctly summed up the current celebrity corset craze as “the blind leading the blind” and wisely observed that most people who are knowledgable about corseting are not speaking publicly about it.

I have to agree.  Anytime someone finds out I wear corsets, their reaction most often is negative, warning me of the dangers of what the corset is doing to my body.  The facts are that I spent over a month researching corsetry before making my first purchase, and this is what corsetry has done for me:

I’m able to shape and control the one part of my body that once made me feel insecure, and I’m now proud of my waist and tummy I’ve cultivated through corseting and the methods of healthy dieting and exercise outlined in Ann Grogan’s book, Corset Magic.  I used to want to hide this part of my body…now I’m proud to show it off!

I take significantly less anxiety medication, as my corset tends to sooth my anxiety.  This was a pleasant and unexpected payoff of waist training.  You can read more details about how this works on Lucy’s blog.  I really credit my corsets for helping reduce my dependence on medication to treat my anxiety.

I’ve struggled with upper back, neck, and shoulder pain for years, but when I wear my corset regularly, it corrects my posture and these problems go away on their own.   Both massages and corsets can be expensive, but a gorgeous corset lasts much longer and achieves the same results.

Corsets have motivated me to diet, exercise, seek alternate forms of stress relief, and made me feel completely gorgeous and confident in a way I never thought possible.

Recently I attended an opening night party for a show my husband was starring in, and wore a black silk corset over my cocktail dress.  I felt like a million dollars, and received compliments all night, but the best was when one of the younger cast members swore to my husband he recognized me and wanted to know what films and plays I’d done recently!

So yes, apparently corsets not only make me feel like a movie star, they actually made me look like one for a night!



The Truth Hurts

People constantly ask me if it hurts to wear a corset.  Certainly it could, but it doesn’t have to.  Much like a belt, a corset is definitely uncomfortable if it’s laced too tight, but you can loosen and adjust it whenever you want.  I experience more pain from a long day in high heels than from my corset.

I’ve found lately that I haven’t wanted to wear my corset as much…I loved it when I first got it, and loved what it did for my figure, so this bothered me.  First, I blamed it on the warmer weather (it’s harder to hide a corset under summer clothing). Then I blamed it on stress, I blamed it on my skin being dry, etc…and then I faced the truth.

The real reason I haven’t wanted to wear my corset is because it’s become uncomfortable laced at the measurement I’ve grown accustomed to, which can only mean one thing…I’ve gained weight!  Ouch.  I can loosen the corset and be fine, but I can’t wear it on a regular basis laced to my satisfaction without being aware that my waist is 1/2″ larger than before.

The corset is flexible with me, so no, it does not “hurt” to wear it.  But, it keeps me honest about my figure (and eating habits).  And that’s painful! 🙂

Check out the Romantasy blog for tips on healthy eating and exercising while waist-training with a corset, and how to avoid backsliding 😉


Can’t wait for Couture…

Once you order your first custom corset, it’s so hard to wait for it!  I’m an instant gratification-gal, and a custom corset will normally take a minimum of six weeks to be made especially for you.

If you have invested in a custom-made corset, you probably realize that wearing one on a regular basis is a bit of a lifestyle change.  Ann Grogan of Romantasy has written a great book, Corset Magic, which I highly recommend you read while waiting for your corset to arrive.  The book is jam-packed with great information for every corset concern imaginable, and has a great section on altering your diet and work out routines to get the best results from your waist-training…and most of it is great advice whether you wear a corset or not!

Order it here.  You might have to wait for your corset, but you don’t have to wait to start your new healthy and corset-friendly lifestyle!