The Truth Hurts

People constantly ask me if it hurts to wear a corset.  Certainly it could, but it doesn’t have to.  Much like a belt, a corset is definitely uncomfortable if it’s laced too tight, but you can loosen and adjust it whenever you want.  I experience more pain from a long day in high heels than from my corset.

I’ve found lately that I haven’t wanted to wear my corset as much…I loved it when I first got it, and loved what it did for my figure, so this bothered me.  First, I blamed it on the warmer weather (it’s harder to hide a corset under summer clothing). Then I blamed it on stress, I blamed it on my skin being dry, etc…and then I faced the truth.

The real reason I haven’t wanted to wear my corset is because it’s become uncomfortable laced at the measurement I’ve grown accustomed to, which can only mean one thing…I’ve gained weight!  Ouch.  I can loosen the corset and be fine, but I can’t wear it on a regular basis laced to my satisfaction without being aware that my waist is 1/2″ larger than before.

The corset is flexible with me, so no, it does not “hurt” to wear it.  But, it keeps me honest about my figure (and eating habits).  And that’s painful! 🙂

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